I am an amateur tri-athlete sponsored by Active Elite, Eggbeaters, and
RoadID, and I have specific training needs for me to become a better
competitor.  I sought to work with Don specifically because I spent much
time watching him work with his other clients.  Don tailored the training to
meet the specific needs of each client, versus prescribing a generic program
for all.  Since I have been working with Don, my fitness level has improved—I
am stronger and I now have several training programs that enable me to
accomplish a full body circuit workout that meets my needs for multi-sports
competition.  I feel stronger, more confident and have a clearer sense of my
specific dietary needs.  
-Skye Gentile
I was referred by a top notch trainer to Don about six months ago. Honestly,
I was a bit skeptical that his training would be as intense and as
comprehensive compared to what I had been accustomed. My initial
skepticism was misplaced. What I really like about Don's philosophy is that
he recognizes that everyone starts at a different base level, everyone has
different goals, and everyone reacts differently to nutrition and training
programs. Consequently, he goes that extra mile to tailor a program that fits
my lifestyle and goals. After just six months, I'm stronger, leaner, and have
a lot more energy. You have to eat correctly and put the time in at your
gym, but Don will motivate you along the way.  
-James Nakagawa
Personal training with Don Lee has been the best thing that's ever happened
to me.  I have always been a "jockette", worked out all my life, thought I was
in the best shape I could be in......until I started with Don! I was at a plateau,
and couldn't find a way to hop over it to get to the next fitness level.  Don
kicked my butt!  He put me on a diet, and periodization training. In just 6
weeks, I lost 6 pounds of fat and gained 4 pounds of muscle.  After 3
months, I lost 12 pounds.  Someone at Albertson's asked me if I was a
personal trainer.  In addition, two girlfriends from my old gym asked me  
"how did you get those arms? You look great".  I have Don to thank for all
this.  He taught me how to pump iron.     
-Beverly Sambolin
Training with Don is a highlight of my hectic week. The workouts are difficult
and it feels good to work out hard at getting back in the condition I once was.
Training helps me get energized for the challenges of balancing family and job
priorities. Whether it is running through the airport with my suitcase or carrying
my 25 pound son, I need to be strong, and training helps me immensely. In
addition, as a middle aged woman, I am well aware of the benefits of resistance
training improving bone density, not to mention that a more muscular body will
burn more calories on those days when I cannot fit in a workout. Don listens
and works with you to put together a schedule and program that suits your
needs. He doesn't give you a "cookie cutter" workout, but rather asks you your
goals and how you want to reach those goals.    
 -Judi Zografos
I've always worked out on my own at home and ran 2-3 miles a week off and
on for the last 20 years or so. About a year ago I started developing a lot of
lower back pain from no particular injury or reason. After seeing three back
specialists, two physical therapists and two chiropractors, I was continuing
to experience a lot of pain and none these professionals had the answer.
Well I refused to just accept the fact that I was going to have to "Live With It".
I explained my situation to Don and he put together an exercise and diet
program, specifically for my needs. Well, since I started working with Don, I
have almost no lower back pain, feel great, lost 12 pounds and haven't
missed a weekend round of golf in two months.    
 -Dave Skarlanic
Don Lee is my hero! My journey with Don just began a few months ago. Most
of my life, I have been very overweight and rarely exercised. Due to personal
and professional changes, I decided to make a complete lifestyle change. I
was really scared! After many discussions with Don, he addressed my
concerns and calmed my fears. Don has developed a nutrition plan just for
me. I have learned to eat without feeling deprived! Don has taught me the
importance of exercise-at times it's hard, but I never knew it could be so
much fun! I have lost about 30 pounds and 5 percent body fat. Don has
helped me to change my life to a much happier and healthier lifestyle! The
journey continues...Thank you, Don!     
-Alyce Glass Lowenstein
On my last birthday, I decided to take the time to give myself the present of
better health a great body. I was introduced to Don and, after only a few
months, I can already see and feel a difference. I once thought that a personal
trainer was just a guy who counted for you while you worked out. Don has
changed my whole attitude about exercise. He takes an interest in my specific
goals and needs. I really feel that he has tailored my training program to my
personality. We are always doing something new and challenging. I get more
out of one session with Don than I did from a week of my former exercise plan.
Don’s attitude and enthusiasm about his work is contagious. I’m working
harder than I ever thought I could and loving every minute of it.   
-Sara Furrer
What I like best about training with Don is that it's both tough and fun!  Working
out used to be a chore for me because it was hard and it was boring.  I was
inactive and un-motivated and only did cardio once or twice a week.  Don varied
our workouts with different exercises which made it challenging and fun for me.
He taught me exercises to work my body that I never knew existed.  The
workouts were demanding but Don's encouragement kept me motivated.  He
really pushed me to do more than I thought I was physically capable.  I was
often surprised at how much I was able to accomplish with Don's guidance,
and it inspired me to work even harder.  Don has made me a believer in weight
training.  I'm getting stronger, leaner, and I feel great!    
-Alicia Huynh  
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